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Email is one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in your marketing arsenal, with an average cost of less than a penny per email. It's also an obvious (if often overlooked) strategy for generating more revenue from the customers you already have. Best of all, you can place an opt-out link at the bottom of every email, so they're completely permission-based.

Find out how email marketing can grow your business!

SportsBiz will set up professionally designed campaigns to send to your customers!


SportsBiz will take care of the initial set up for FREE!

Everything you need to market your business like a pro.

Let Sports Biz set you up with email marketing system for you to promote your business like a professional. Our system offers many great features which are very easy to use.

Your emails can also be linked back to your website! If you do not currently have a website or would like to start fresh, Sports Biz can help. Please refer to the Website Solutions page for details or Contact Us and a Sports Biz representative will assist you with any questions you may have.

Email campaigns  
- 150 professional email designs
- Option to upload your own images
- HTML & text emails
- Auto Save feature
- Easy Email Editor, with drag-and-drop functionality
- Now-or-later scheduling
- Ability to tailor emails to various interest groups   

Social Visibility  
- Broadcast to multiple social networks with one click
- Review and respond to your social contacts with a real–time Social Feed
- Get the most out of your updates by easily adding images
- See the activity on all your social networks from one screen     

Survey Builder  
- Write, send and tabulate customer satisfaction surveys
- 9 unique question types
- Custom design features
- Link generator (text & button)   

List Manager  
- Keep names, addresses and campaign history at your fingertips
- Segment your emails by interest or demographic information
- View reports on subscriber responses
- Easy import/export feature       

Real-time reports  
- Undeliverable emails
- Unsubscribe requests
- Number opened
- Click-through rates to your website  

Sign-up forms  
- Standard & custom questions
- Question sorting
- Custom design features
- Return links
- Form preview
- Link generator (text & button)
- HTML code for link     

Other features  
- Bounce handling
- Unsubscribe handling
- Opt-in confirmation
- Anti-spam protection
- Spam reporting links
- Custom e-mail messages

If you have any further questions about this system please Contact Us and a Sports Biz representative will be glad to assist you!
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